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Teen charged after allegedly taking food delivery biz for a ride: $10k of 'fraudulent refunds for stuff not delivered'

Kid’s alleged 8-month spree could end with food delivery between jail cell bars

Singapore police have charged a 17-year-old lad after food delivery service Foodpanda noticed he had allegedly requested refunds for a staggering SG$14,000 (US$10,200) worth of stuff he fraudulently claimed was not delivered.

Foodpanda delivers freshly-cooked food, groceries and even booze. The Register ran a hungry eye over some of the fare on offer and had no trouble finding $100 bottles of wine and the ability to put together a lengthy shopping list of household items.

However it appears that the kid didn’t go for one or two big scores, but instead kept the caper going for up to eight months before Foodpanda reported him to the cops on August 21.

Singapore’s finest were able to identify the youth and arrest him three days later.

The short amount of time between raising the alarm and the collaring got The Register thinking that perhaps Foodpanda should have been able to spot the alleged pattern of refunds before it stretched into an eighth month and reached five figures. The company had not responded to The Register’s request for an explanation of that matter at the time of writing.

May we suggest it order some business intelligence software? ®


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