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Webcast It’s always a great idea to put together your own enterprise applications. This software can be finely tuned to your needs, complement your platforms and systems, and be built in-house, keeping it closer to your initial vision.

With DevOps, microservices and automation paving the way for fast, highly iterative apps that can stay in almost permanent development cycles, homegrown business apps have never been more enticing.

Unfortunately, as with everything, there are snags. For example, APIs involving remote procedure calls (RPCs), such as Google’s gRPC, are an efficient and low-effort way to integrate an app, but can introduce significant security weaknesses if not managed correctly. A plethora of other vulnerabilities can similarly crop up as teams focus on getting an internal product in users' hands ASAP.

All of this in addition to the usual challenges of integrating multiple technologies and tools to create a modern app.

This whole topic is tackled in this webcast, in which The Register’s APAC editor Simon Sharwood is joined by two experts from application services firm F5 Networks.

F5’s Ravi Vagadia and Shahnawaz Backer, along with Simon, explore how organisations can get all the advantages of developing and running modern applications with cutting-edge coding languages and toolchains without encountering the kind of security oversights typically associated with this style of development.

The panel’s conversation will focus on how businesses can keep manageable, modern applications as secure as possible. Topics will include choosing the right protocols – eg: RESTful or gRPC – and how to proxy gRPC for security visibility, and how to deploy the open-source NGINX Unit to create a dynamic web application server.

Watch the webcast, brought to you by F5 Networks.

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