Running IT from the edge – it’s time to go go with your ROBO

We're apart but never more together – tune in to make your remote infrastructure sing

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Webcast As remote and dispersed working continues – and is likely to continue to do so until a COVID-19 virus vaccine is fully deployed, and then some – the IT industry is responding with a number of viable ways of keep business as usual.

ROBO – delivering IT at remote offices and branch office locations – is now of paramount importance as staff drift away from large central campuses and headquarters with on-prem data centers, and use smaller offices to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. To pull off ROBO in a useful way, there has to be consideration for the size of each office, the quality of existing infrastructure, and more.

It all basically comes down to quality delivery of efficient and agile IT in remote places.

And that’s what we’ll be looking at during thi upcoming webcast. Tim Phillips from The Reg will be joined by Greg White from infrastructure experts Nutanix to delve into the complexities of delivering and managing applications, databases, VDI and other kinds of workloads outside the traditional corporate data centre.

At 5pm UK time – that’s 9am PDT and 12pm EDT – on September 2, join Tim and Greg as they focus on best practices for making sure your organisation achieves long-term success when delivering high-quality IT infrastructure for ROBO and the network edge. They’ll be looking at the best kinds of technologies, techniques, and capabilities you should be considering, as well as looking at genuine real-world examples of success in this area – so expect case studies to help you center your efforts.

It’s fair to say that ROBO and edge IT practices don’t always get the business resources they deserve – this is a very specific kind of remote IT infrastructure delivery, and you can be sure that this webcast, brought to you by Nutanix, will give the topic the space and depth of thought required to help you find the right path.

As things keep changing and our daily work patterns and psychology change continually with them, there’s a whole host of things that can be achieved with the right technological approach, at the right time.

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