Equinix warns it's infected with ransomware, promises it can carry on regardless

Insists your kit there is safe because the isolation you'd expect from a rack-renter has worked

Equinix has warned customers it has been infected with ransomware.

A brief “Equinix Statement on Security Incident” issued late on Wednesday night US time said the company was “currently investigating a security incident we detected that involves ransomware on some of our internal systems.”

Just which systems were infected was not specified, but the post said its "Our data centers and our service offerings, including managed services, remain fully operational, and the incident has not affected our ability to support our customers.”

This suggests that perhaps the infection has hit business applications, rather than systems related to data centre operations or the software-defined networks Equinix operates.

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Isolating different kit under one roof is an explicit element of the product offered by the likes of Equinix and the company appears to have done so, as it advised customers that the incident has had “no impact on their operations or the data on their equipment at Equinix.”

The company has called the relevant authorities and the post said the firm will “take all necessary actions, as appropriate, based on the results of our investigation.”

A common script for this sort of incident sees victims drip out info about the extent of any problems, hire a reputable security firm to probe whatever made it possible, apologise profusely and then release an incident report that explains where they went wrong and how they’ve fixed things up so this could never happen again. If Equinix diverts markedly from that template, The Reg will be surprised. ®

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