China’s UK embassy calls for probe into 'hack of Ambassador’s Twitter account'

‘Anti-China elements viciously attacked’ with links to racy personal service provider and propaganda

China’s UK embassy has lashed out after the Twitter account of its ambassador Liu Xiaoming was apparently hacked.

The account, @AmbLiuXiaoMing was accessed by unauthorised parties on Wednesday and expressed admiration for a tweet featuring an – ahem – adult entertainer. Other improbably-ambassadorial actions saw the account share Tweets critical of Chinese foreign policy.

The ambassador wrested back control of the account within hours and the embassy issued a statement that urged Twitter “to make thorough investigations and handle this matter seriously.”

The statement also suggests the embassy knows a little about the culprits, as it stated: “Recently, some anti-China elements viciously attacked Ambassador Liu Xiaoming’s Twitter account and employed despicable methods to deceive the public. The Chinese Embassy strongly condemns such abominable behaviour.”

The ambassador’s account was back on-message with the following tweet seemingly directed at Twitter.

The account also promoted new Huawei-commissioned research that, in a surprise outcome, found that Huawei leaving the UK would be really bad for the UK.

Ironically, the ambassador would not be able to easily send that tweet from inside China as Twitter is officially banned in the Middle Kingdom. ®

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