Have hackers, cybercrims worked their way into your corporate net while you’ve been working from home?

Tune in online this month and learn how to keep them at bay

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Webcast Working from home may have turned your life upside down, but for hackers, cyber-criminals and other bad actors, it’s all been business as usual.

That means miscreants going all out to compromise your systems, lift personal information, drop in ransomware, and generally wreak havoc.

Their job has been made somewhat easier by the shift of entire organisations to working from home, potentially leaving security holes in its wake. Some workers were left with no option but to use their own, less than fully secured devices, and networks, to access corporate infrastructure. Others may have dragged home their IT-supported work machines, but those devices may now be semi-detached from the tender care of internal security teams.

More broadly, the over-enthusiastic use of tools like remote desktop utilities may have left machines exposed to the internet, while the liberal use of online conferencing platforms has thrown up its own issues, from unwanted attendees to the exposure of those platforms’ own security foibles.

Now, to further complicate things, a partial return to the office has begun, leaving IT and security teams struggling to accommodate returning users alongside their still remote colleagues.

The upside is that more than six months in, cloud native security specialist ExtraHop has a firm grip on the issues surrounding WFH, and you can tap into their knowledge right here on September 22, at 11am UK time (12pm CEST).

Our webcast doyen Tim Phillips will be joined by an ExtraHop spokesperson, and together they’ll show you how to plug ten security holes that the new normal has opened.

They’ll be discussing the specific security challenges raised by the new normal, and how to detect whether your systems have been compromised. They’ll also cover the programmes, tools and processes you should adopt to firm up your security posture, achieve 100 per cent visibility into your systems, and learn how to spot intruders among your increasingly diffuse workforce.

Whether it’s how to ensure VPNs are secure at scale, ensuring that workers’ home devices don’t provide an easy route into the corporation, or how to prepare for a permanently at home workforce, you’ll learn a bunch of new stuff. And have a few laughs into the bargain.

And best of all, you can do this all from home. Or from the office. Or somewhere in between. The choice is yours. All you need to do is sign up here and tune into our webcast, brought to you by ExtraHop.


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