Singapore to pay its citizens to wear Apple Watches

National health promotion will pump instructions onto wrists and - if you behave - cover up to 90% of device cost

Singapore and Apple have cooked up a scheme that will see the city-state’s citizens rewarded with gift vouchers if they wear the Apple Watch as part of a national health promotion programme.

To score any rewards Singaporeans will need to download and use an Apple Watch app called LumiHealth that delivers “weekly activity goals, wellness challenges and nudges that cover nutrition, sleep, mental wellbeing, and more, tailored to your health goals and Apple Watch activity.”

Ticking all the boxes over a two-year period can see users eligible for up to S$380 (US$280) in “HPB eVouchers”, gift vouchers issued by Singapore’s Ministry of Health and redeemable at some shopping malls and merchants. Alcohol and coffee vendors are on the list of participating merchants, as is a pasta chain. Which we mention to point out there’s a chance the scheme could undo some of participants' good work!

The newest and cheapest Apple Watch SE sells for $419, so compliance with the program covers more than 90 per cent of the device’s cost.

Singapore’s deputy prime minister Heng Swee Keat thinks the scheme is a fine idea.

“Collaborations such as LumiHealth also takes us one step closer towards achieving our vision to be a Smart Nation – one where we use digital technology to improve the lives of our people, and potentially people around the world,” he said, and revealed that the deal is the result of a two-year quest to find new ways to promote health.

“This partnership brings together our experience in developing public health programmes and Apple’s innovative use of technology,” he gushed. ®

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