How is your machine learning project coming along? Get some inspiration from our MCubed Online conference

Explainability, model testing, experience reports – we've got everything you need next month

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Event Remember the days of coming together at a conference and venting about work stuff while learning something that may actually help you move your company's machine learning initiative forward?

Yes, it's been a while. And we miss it!

Unfortunately meeting in-person still doesn't seem like the best idea, so we're going to take the AI and machine-learning conference MCubed for a brief online stint.

On 15 October, at 9am BST, one-off MCubed Online will open its virtual doors to software developers, data scientists, and operation engineers working in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence for a full day of talks and discussion opportunities. Sessions on the day will have a strong focus on practical issues in getting machine learning projects on the road, such as making your system’s process explainable to stakeholders, building development and delivery workflows, and coming up with all-encompassing project tests.

To keep you involved even though we can't all be in a room, we'll be using a platform with chatting capabilities and Q&A features embedded, so no pesky context switching if you have something to share or want to know about. We've also extended the length of question rounds after each session so everyone has the opportunity to get their queries answered.

Among our lineup of practitioners are Janet Bastiman, who heads up analytics at fintech company Napier, and Dattaraj Rao, who some might know as the author of “Keras to Kubernetes: The journey of a Machine Learning model to production”. In his session, Rao will not only talk about machine learning pipelines, but also make sure you know how to integrate explainability and privacy mechanisms into your system, which should help in building more responsible AI systems.

Dr Bastiman will walk you through skills and tools necessary to come up with a testing strategy that deserves the name, so that your machine learning project doesn't end up in the bad kind of headlines just because you thought it worked well enough on your machine.

DevOps engineers, who are looking to support machine learning projects, will get some food for thought in Ryan Dawson's talk on the subject. And if you're still a bit sad that last year's ethics talk didn't happen as planned, we'll also have Dr Caitlin McDonald with us, who'll introduce you to approaches for sustainable digital ethics.

The full lineup will be announced in the coming weeks. Tickets for the one-day, one-track event are now available via the MCubed website. We're looking forward to seeing you there. ®

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