WFH is the new religion – though blind faith isn’t enough to keep your infrastructure secure

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Webcast If working from home is the new orthodoxy, isn’t it time we started laying down some rules about how to do this securely?

It’s over six months since the COVID-19 crisis forced a mass emptying of workplaces worldwide. Workers – and the tech and security teams that support them – had to “improvise” just to keep organisations operating at all, meaning security was, for some perhaps, an afterthought.

Months on, and working from home will clearly be the norm for large parts of the economy for the foreseeable future, with a sizable chunk of the workforce likely detached from the office for good.

At the same time, security specialists have had time to take stock on both the immediate threats organisations face, and the longer term action they should be taking to support this new normal. A wing and prayer is not enough. We wouldn’t be so crass as to suggest a list of commandments you could follow to keep secure. But our friends at cloud native security experts ExtraHop have identified ten key threats any security pro should be aware of, and the techniques to tackle them, and they’d love to share them with you.

That’s why ExtraHop's Jamie Moles will be joining our very own Tim Phillips on September 22, at 11am UK time (12pm CEST), for a cracking webcast, snappily titled “Plug Ten Security Holes that the New Normal Has Opened”.

They’ll be talking you through these key attack vectors and helping you work out if your infrastructure is vulnerable, as well as detailing the programmes, tools and processes you should deploy to plug them.

Even though some organisations may be staging a tentative return to the office, working from home is set to stay, raising ongoing challenges for the way we manage access, devices, and infrastructure as a whole. And so, Jamie and Tim will be discussing how you should be managing remote working as a permanent part of the security equation.

And talking of access... All you need to do to join in is sign up here, and you’ll then be able to access this webcast, brought to you by ExtraHop, from the location of your choice. See you there.

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