This year’s biggest security flaws – coming soon to a screen near you

Join us on September 29 – and get ready for 2020’s OWASP Top 10

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Webcast OK, it’s only updated every three years or so, which means it’s not quite the same as breathlessly clustering around the radio to see whether Blur or Oasis have grabbed the top spot or whether Rhiannon’s Umbrella is still number one, or whether team Taylor will see off Perry.

But OWASP’s countdown remains the starting point for ensuring your code is not just fast and elegant but also secure.

This autumn will see the first OWASP Top 10 since 2017, and we probably all agree that things have changed considerably since then. Cloud native is no longer the preserve of few super advanced companies, containers are considered ready for production, and even your CEO has likely heard the term DevSecOps.

So whether you want to whet your appetite for this year’s list, think about how far we’ve come since 2017, or want to start planning for where list is likely to head in the future, you’ll want to join us for our OWASP Top 10 webcast on September 29, at 11am UK time.

El Reg’s broadcasting maestro Tim Phillips will be joined by F5’s senior threat research evangelist David Warburton.

They’ll be exploring why OWASP’s Top 10 is relevant in maintaining a foundational security posture in the current era of digital transformation, and how the explosion of open source and cloud based architectures has made it even more challenging to protect your attack service.

David will also give you an insider’s view on what will likely change in this year’s Top 10, as well as the perennial vulnerabilities that you can expect to reappear. However this year’s countdown shapes up, we can guarantee that this webcast will leave you better informed on its implications... as well as slightly tickled on the funny bone.

Signing up couldn’t be easier. Just head here, drop in your details and we’ll make sure to remind you when it’s time to tune in to this episode, brought to you by F5, all from the secure location of your choice.


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