Pst... Is that the sound of your Outlook backups leaking?

Join us this month to learn how to squeeze 25 years of local backups into the cloud

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Webcast One of the great things about moving to the cloud is not having to worrying about PST files any more, isn’t it?

Well, it depends if you’ve actually moved all your organisation’s PST files to the cloud or not. Because while doing anything with the almost quarter century old file format is, let’s face, an utter headache, the consequences of not having those emails on tap could be far more painful.

Your legal team suddenly needs to do a massive discovery exercise? Yes, we’ll need all the emails, including those after-hours comms by the now-former finance director from 1999. You have got those, right now, haven’t you?

Developers sharing chunks of the customer database to test new applications? Executives discussing personal information in long, tiresome email threads? Here’s another acronym for you – GDPR. And really, if you can’t trust the intern in product development not to wander off with a thumb drive full of emails discussing your next launch, who can you trust?

But don’t worry. We wouldn’t be raising all this if we didn’t think we had something that will help dull the pain – if not soothe it away completely.

We’ll be running a webcast on September 30 at 11am UK time covering “Moving PST Files to Office 365,” during which our chief broadcast vulture Tim Phillips will be joined by Mike Weaver of Office 365 management and migration mavens Quadrotech.

They’ll be delving into why the 25-year-old file format is still with us after all this time.

They’ll also give you a comprehensive rundown on the impact of simply leaving things well alone – from the technical impact of having largely unsearchable files, potentially carrying GBs of intimate company info, floating around the organization, to the legal implications of having them largely outside your otherwise carefully crafted compliance and data management regimes.

And of course, they’ll cover the nuts and bolts of starting to move your PST files into the cloud and the 21st century, and how migration tools such as Quadrotech’s Flight Deck can help.

Admit it. Your index finger is already hovering over the create-event-in-Outlook command. So, we’ve made it really easy for you. Just register here for this webcast – brought to you by Quadrotech – and we’ll even add it to your calendar. And if you can’t make the live broadcast, we’ll email you when the recording is available.


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