Is your data center straining? The answer isn’t just more processor cores

Join us next month to feel the Intel® Optane™ Effect

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Webcast Whatever the computing problem is, the traditional answer has been to throw more servers at it, which today means throw more processor cores at it. AI model building? More cores. Ecommerce? More cores? Pharma development? More, more, more.

If that is your solution, your next problem to solve is getting sufficient data to the CPU engines fast enough to make this all worthwhile. Sure, you’re gonna pack in more DRAM, too, though that's pricey and will only get you so far. Using NAND flash can solve your capacity issues, though it has its own particular limitations.

Clearly, what you need is something with the speed of DRAM and the storage capabilities of NAND.

Which is why we’re going to be talking about the Intel® Optane™ Effect in a webcast on October 1, at 11am BST, and we’d like you to join us.

Our broadcast maestro Tim Phillips will be joined by both Intel’s Alex Segeda and The Register’s storage expert Chris Mellor. They’ll be digging deep into Intel’s Optane™ Technology, which combines its Optane™ memory with advanced memory controllers, interface hardware, and software IP, which together can dramatically accelerate system performance in both client and server platforms.

Specifically, Tim, Chris, and Alex will be looking into the storage bottlenecks that floor today’s servers, even as the number of cores devoted to number crunching goes ever higher. And they’ll be looking at how Optane™ Technology – by bridging the gap between memory and storage – can dramatically open up that bottleneck, and serve up other benefits, too.

That doesn’t just mean faster storage and more efficient data centers, but also, crucially, that applications deliver results faster. Which means problems – whether it’s crunching AI models or sequencing genes to support vaccine development – get solved faster.

So, whether your data center is already struggling to keep up, you’re anticipating a surge in new application demands, or things seem to be ticking over but you’d like to squeeze out even more performance, you’ll want to join us for this webcast, brought to you by Intel®.

Just sign up here, and we’ll update your calendar, and nudge you on the day.

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