Are injection flaws the Bohemian Rhapsody of cybersecurity?

Get ready for this year’s OWASP Top 10 with us and F5

Webcast Whether you’re into cybersecurity or application development, you probably also like lists, which means you probably love the OWASP Top 10.

The list was first posted by the security non-profit back in 2003, and has been updated every few years since, securing its reputation as the first step for developers towards more secure coding.

The latest update is due this autumn, and needless to say, it comes amidst a time of extraordinary change, both in the world of infosec, and the wider world of tech and business.

Organizations are grappling with the existing challenges of digital transformation, the shift to the cloud and the continued industrialisation of cybercriminality and, more recently, the disruption caused by the sudden migration of large parts of the economy to home working.

Throw in the explosion in the use of open source components, the role of containers, and new approaches to integrating dev, sec and ops, and you’ve got a scarily wide attack surface for hackers to play with. So, before the results are read out, you really should join us on September 29, at 11am UK time for a webcast brought to you by F5 and dedicated to the OWASP Top 10.

El Reg’s broadcasting maestro Tim Phillips will be joined by F5’s senior threat research evangelist David Warburton, and together they’ll chewing over the context of this year’s upcoming list.

Yes, there will be insight on what changes to expect and whether there’s likely a new number one, or whether injection flaws are set to be the cybersec equivalent of Bryan Adams, Queen…or Drake.

But Tim and David will also dig deeper into why the OWASP Top 10 remains essential to maintaining your security posture, and how you can use it effectively to stay ahead of the curve – and the hackers and cybercriminals looking to exploit that same list of vulns.

They’ll also be exploring what the changing IT landscape – particularly that open source and cloud native shift – means for both the Top 10 and your own efforts to protect your organisation.

This all happens right here on El Reg. All you need to do is register here, and we’ll serve up Tim and David, to a screen near you, whether it’s at work, at home or somewhere in between.

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