Wanna get all those PST files off your network and into the cloud? We can help

Join us and Quadrotech on September 30 and learn how to finally escape the 1990s

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Webcast Aging file formats are always a pain, but how often do you consider the implications of the seemingly innocuous PST files that may be spread around your organization.

When Microsoft introduced the file format back in the 1990s, time it may have seemed sensible, even empowering, to allow Exchange/Outlook users to create local backups of their emails and calendar entries.

A quarter of a century on, we’re still living with the consequences of a format designed for a time when disk storage was measured in MBs and the internet was somewhere at the end of a fizzing modem.

For a start, do you actually know where all the PST files are in your organization? Residing on workstation hard drives, flash drives, or resting on a forgotten zip drive at the back of a cabinet. As well as being a flagrant compliance policies and a big red flag data privacy risk, this all leaves your organization open to a world of often untrackable security risks.

And whenever you do find them, they’re often corrupted, or worse password protected, leaving you trying to guess the name of the last marketing director but one’s first cat.

This all adds up to an almost invisible burden on your tech team, and a massive blind spot for your security team. And when you very sensibly decide it’s best to move all of this into the cloud, where do you start, for all the reasons above.

But don’t worry, we’ll be throwing a little light on the topic later this month, with a webcast on “Moving PST Files to Office 365,” with our chief broadcast vulture Tim Phillips and Quadrotech’s director of enterprise migrations Mike Weaver.

Quadrotech has made it its mission to help folks like you migrate their existing data into the cloud, and manage it once it’s there. They’ll be running through the problems associated with PST sprawl, from an infosec, support, and legal point of view.

They’ll also give you a thorough grounding in the solutions, including the existing largely manual options within Exchange, and they’ll show you how to automate the process, and put in place a workflow that will eradicate PSTs.

This all happens here, on September 30, at 11am UK time, and you can join in from the screen of your choice. You just need to pop in a few details here, and we’ll add the webcast – brought to you by Quadrotech – to your calendar, whether it’s Outlook or not, and remind you at the time.


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