So how do you feel about bridging storage and memory to supercharge your data center?

Join our webcast and experience the Optane™ Effect

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Webcast Who’d be a database architect these days. You’ve got more cores than ever crunching data – but that data keeps on growing, and somehow it never seems to move fast enough.

With the AI team forever refining their models, research scientists looking to fold genes or sequence DNA, and developers telling you that the database isn’t just enormous but needs to be in-memory, there’s no end in sight.

It just feels like something’s missing, right? Something that would bridge the gap between memory and storage, making your servers more efficient, and your developers, scientists, and analysts happier.

Which is why Intel® has developed its Optane™ Technology, which combines its Optane™ memory with advanced memory controllers, interface hardware, and software IP. The result is a platform that promises multiple ways to tune your servers and data centers to meet – and exceed – modern application demands.

For example, as well as offering persistent memory modules at a lower cost per GB than conventional DRAM, Optane™ Technology allows developers to optimize their applications to write data to persistent storage at memory speeds. Or databases can be optimized to operate in much expanded memory, while enjoying the advantage of storage persistency.

It’s heady stuff, which is why we’ll be dedicating a webcast to understanding the Intel® Optane™ Effect on October 1, at 11am BST. Our broadcast maestro Tim Phillips will be joined by both Intel®’s Alex Segeda, and The Register’s storage expert Chris Mellor.

Our team will take you through all the ramifications, including how Optane™ Technology provides both faster storage and eliminates memory capacity limitations.

They’ll also talk you through exactly how your organization can rethink its applications to take full advantage of the benefits of Optane™ Technology, both in the data center and in the development process.

It’s a lot to take in, but we can’t think of a better lineup to explain it all to you. And all you need to do is signup here for this webcast, brought to you by Intel®, and we’ll make sure to remind you on the day. See you there.


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