Let's talk about data security in the age of the 'new normal' with folks from FireEye, Microsoft, Splunk – and more

Catch up with cybersecurity heavyweights in the comfort of your living room via Rubrik's virtual Data Security Summit

Promo After six months of the so-called new normal, are you ready to take a breath? Or are you acutely aware that the real threats to your organization are only now becoming clear?

The shift to home and remote working has ripped off the band-aids companies have been slapping over long-ignored vulnerabilities, and forced them to confront data security and compliance challenges head on. But that should be easy considering your security team is only busy firefighting and preparing for tomorrow’s risks. And it’s not like the cyber-criminal fraternity is taking advantage of this year’s chaos.

You know what you need? To kick back and talk with some like-minded souls who are facing the same threats, feeling the same pressures, and are happy to share what they’ve learned about how to deal with present threats and those lurking around the corner.

Which is why you should sign up for the Data Security Summit on October 6, at 1000 PST, hosted by cloud data management specialists Rubrik.

Over the course of the day, you’ll hear from heavyweights from across the data management and security beat, including FireEye’s CEO Kevin Mandia, Microsoft Azure’s Karl Rautenstrauch, and Splunk’s senior technology advocate Amélie Koran.

You’ll also get to hear from Guy Podjany, CEO of open-source and container security specialist Snyk, as well as practitioners including Kern Medical CTO Craig Witmer, and the University of the Pacific’s Enterprise Systems Manager Tony Carrero. And there are more speakers to be announced soon.

They’ll be joined by Rubrik’s top brains, including Chief Technologist Chris Wahl, Head of Security Innovation Lucas Moody, and Director of Developer Relations Rebecca Fitzhugh.

Together, they’ll explore the future of risk management, and how organizations like yours can strengthen your defense in depth. Best of all, we can promise relaxing surroundings and some superb catering – because you’ll be able to enjoy all of this from the comfort of your own home.

All you have to do is head over here to sign up, and this stellar line-up will appear at the venue of your choice come October 6.

Paid for by Rubrik.

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