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First up, Plymouth Marine Laboratory – renowned internationally for its research excellence supporting a sustainable ocean – is looking for data scientists and Linux Engineers. It sounds fascinating.

Senior Linux Infrastructure Engineer, Plymouth, UK

We are in an exciting period of transition and modernisation with a focus on removing legacy systems whilst moving towards more modern Linux computing systems, be that in the cloud or on-premises. We are looking for a knowledgeable, experienced agile person to join our team and lead the relevant parts of this innovation.

We currently have a sizeable on-site data centre and we are just finishing the expansion with a ~£1m investment to move into Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with a cutting-edge GPU cluster. The volume of data that we manage is growing on a daily basis as we draw in raw satellite data from the EU's Copernicus programme and NASA satellites to produce Earth Observation data products, giving insights into the health of the worlds' oceans.

We have over 8PB of network storage presently and we download data using either our 2Gbps internet connection or direct satellite link. Analysis and interpretation of these data is continual, making use of the grid processing infrastructure – around 1,400 CPUs and 7TB RAM.

Experience and eligibility requirements

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong documentation and written skills
  • Working knowledge of Dell server and storage systems
  • In-depth knowledge of Centos/Fedora
  • In-depth knowledge of storage block/file based and distributed file systems
  • Experience of virtualization platforms (e.g. VMware ESXi, Ovirt)
  • Working knowledge of monitoring software (e.g. Zabbix, Nagios, Observium)
  • Working knowledge of workload management software (Slurm)
  • Knowledge of Linux security best practices
  • Working knowledge of administration automation (e.g. Ansible/Saltstack/Puppet)
  • Working knowledge of system management software (e.g. Satellite/Foreman/Spacewalk)

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Environmental Intelligence Data Scientist, Plymouth, UK

PML is looking for an enthusiastic and forward-looking data scientist to develop environmental intelligence applications using Earth Observation (EO) data from satellites, aircraft and drones. The successful applicant will work in the NERC EO Data Acquisition Service (NEODAAS) that provides researchers in the UK with EO data and services and has recently installed a new £1m 40-GPU cluster (MAGEO) with 2PB of storage.

The postholder will work with UK scientists, applying machine learning and data science techniques to large EO datasets and will make use of the MAGEO system. They will tackle problems covering time series, image analysis and integration of data collected from multiple sources across diverse environmental science areas. Solutions to these problems will likely require technologies across the spectrum of machine learning, ranging from XGBoost and decision trees through to multilayer perceptrons, large-scale convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks. The work will be driven by end-user requirements and will depend on both well-established and state-of-the-art approaches to deliver results and publications.

Required skills and experience:

  • An enthusiasm for working with others to solve problems using machine learning
  • A passion for producing well-designed and documented code
  • Computer vision/image segmentation and object detection experience across multiple problem areas
  • Strong development skills in Python, using key deep learning libraries such as Tensorflow/PyTorch

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Next up we're off to Delib, an organisation that helps government run excellent, effective public consultations with tools that make it easy to involve citizens in decision making. It's looking for a Python Developer.

Python Developer, UK

We need an experienced Python web developer (product engineer).

We have interesting problems.

We're not a bad company.

Engineering is based in our HQ in Bristol UK. This job can be substantially performed remotely, but post-COVID it will be necessary to be present in Bristol from time to time; more on this further on.

Delib engineers work on three types of software product:

  • Democracy platforms used by millions of citizens and tens of thousands of our customers working in government
  • Internal management tools used by staff across Delib
  • Products for infrastructure, hosting and support, used by other engineers

We're looking for someone who's worked on long-lived software products/SaaS and understands about building with longevity in mind. Not making a rod for your own back.

You must have substantial experience working with web stacks from client-side UI libraries down to the storage layer and everything in between. We mostly work with Python web frameworks. If you haven't used Python then we'd want to see industry experience in a good range of different languages.

It's a requirement that you have some familiarity with administering *nix production environments – it's not that you will be doing this all day every day, rather that it is essential for understanding security and incident response.

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Our final bunch of roles this week are at Dynamic Planner, which is an is an end-to-end, risk-based financial planning system for advice firms. It's looking for software developers and test analysts.

Test Analyst, UK

We are looking for test analysts to join our Development and Testing team.

Role purpose:

  • Identify and complete test preparation for a range of different projects with a view to execute tests in the appropriate releases
  • To write and maintain test automation
  • To be involved in team discussions for projects and provide test estimates
  • To support BAU processes set by the test team and completing regression testing in line with these processes
  • Accurately record defects and ensure that these are rectified within project delivery time frames

Key responsibilities:

  • Create test packs and execute testing for a range of small to medium sized projects
  • Completing regression testing in line with testing processes
  • Communicate and gain approval of test strategies and scenarios from internal and external stakeholders (where applicable)
  • Clearly communicate and categorise found defects to the relevant parties
  • Complete internal script reviews ensuring both consistency of quality and relevance of written tests to the solution
  • Contributing ideas to the Manual and Automated regression packs

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Senior Software Developer, UK

We are looking for a Senior Software Developer whose primary focus will be to build and enhance our core, market-leading suite of products.


There is a strong sense of camaraderie within the Development and Testing teams. Finding the right person who fits the team is as important as their technical skills. It's essential that everyone:

  • Has a passion and enthusiasm for writing good code
  • Is great at teamwork
  • Thrives on a challenge
  • Is flexible and able to adapt to most situations
  • Takes responsibility for completing tasks, and takes pride in their work
  • Has a drive to do the right thing
  • Is willing to challenge and ask questions
  • Has a desire to learn and grow

Key responsibilities:

  • Designing, developing and maintaining usable software solutions in conjunction with colleagues and customers
  • Efficiently creating performant, secure and maintainable code that meets requirements in user stories
  • Ensuring code reuse where applicable and documenting and sharing ideas to improve team and organisation performance
  • Peer reviewing designs and code of any developers regardless of seniority and likewise to ensure that one's own designs and code are reviewed. Work must meet development standards such as naming conventions, commenting and presentation to enable other team members to easily understand system design and behaviour
  • Providing technical capability and guidance for projects and being accountable so that assigned work is completed to high quality before the end of the sprint
  • Providing open and accurate progress reporting. Communicating issues and obstacles as they arise
  • Working with project managers and other developers to create feasible schedules/task lists/estimates and making all possible reasonable effort to deliver features and code in line with those estimates
  • To create documentation for use in training other developers where appropriate that describes how application features are designed and implemented
  • Undertake manual/automated unit and regression tests to incrementally increase code coverage and quality and with a view to maintaining the integrity of the code base
  • Mentoring junior members of the team
  • Keeping up to date with industry trends and technology developments

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That's it for this week. Happy hunting, and remember – keep sending those opportunities to us here. ®

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