Hackers can rip open your company with AI… But AI can help you fight back

How? Join our October 7 online broadcast to find the answer

Webcast Consider a world where cyber-attackers are using AI to refine, control and scale up their attacks. There is no need to stretch your imagination: sophisticated hackers are using AI techniques today to manage botnets, mount attacks, and cover up their traces, as well as to help them understand the context they’re operating in, and, naturally, increase profitability.

The good news is that AI is also being deployed to counter hackers and cybercrime, including against impersonation and spoofing scams, and you can find out much more by joining our webcast on “How phishing has become phatal,” which drops on October 7 at 1700 BST (1200 EST, 0900 PDT).

El Reg’s favourite talking head Tim Phillips will be welcoming Dan Fein and Mariana Pereira from Cambridge-based Darktrace, and together they’ll uncover just how sophisticated and harder-to-spot phishing attacks have become.

They’ll dig into advanced spoofing and impersonation, attack techniques that are far more destructive than they sound. They’ll also dive into the criminals and other bad actors’ use of offensive AI – used for all the same reasons legitimate organisations use it – and explain how defensive AI can be used to fight back.

And Dan and Mariana should know. Darktrace emerged from a collaboration between Cambridge mathematicians and cyber-security experts with government intelligence backgrounds, and has deployed its AI powered security tools at organisations ranging from government departments to corporations to West Ham United.

So it’s no lie to suggest that whether your interest is security, the practical use of AI, or how mathematics helps you defend against highly capable hackers, you should join us on October 7 for this webcast, brought to you by Darktrace.

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