You can ditch the printer and go entirely paperless, but does that really make your work comms any more secure?

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Webcast It’s easy to say you want to kick off a digital transformation. It’s often harder to say what this should look like in practice, or what the benefits for your organisation will be. Just junking the printer and saying “we’re paperless now” isn’t a strategy, and certainly isn’t a plan. But moving to secure paperless communications is certainly a start.

But how does that all actually work? Because you might think the tools that make so much sense to security people quickly become giant spanners in the works, if they stop business people getting on with their job. And, if you decide you’re going to encrypt email, it’s not just a question of choosing an appropriate algorithm but working out how you decide whose email needs to be encrypted?

While being entirely digital sounds like it’ll make compliance a breeze, we all know that even the best intentioned policies count for nothing if they start preventing people from doing their jobs, and even worse, prompting well-intentioned people into using workarounds.

If these problems sound familiar, you’ll want to join us for some answers on October 14 at 9am PDT (12pm EDT, 5pm UK time), when The Register’s Tim Phillips will be joined by Jacob Ginsberg, senior director of market intelligence at Echoworx, for a webcast on secure paperless communications.

Tim and Jacob will be working through the promise and the problems of secure paperless communications.

If you’re wondering what your first steps should be, Jacob will talk you through speccing out a secure paperless comms project, how to get it up and running, and how to get it completed right. This includes striking the right balance between achieving security and setting realistic ROI metrics. They’ll also be striking a current note, looking at the specific challenges of supporting today’s suddenly remote workers.

So, whether you’re itching to flick the switch on a new comms system, or have mentally filed the idea of secure paperless comms in the “nice to have, but it’ll never work” file, you should really join us on October 14.

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