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Dulux feel lucky, punk? Samsung wades into paint world with interior emulsions designed to 'complement' your, er, TV

Yes your TV has a 'lifestyle'. Yes we have all been indoors for much, much too long

You’ve got the TV. You splashed out on the sound system. But do you have the paint? That’s the question posed by Samsung, which just introduced LivingColour — a range of paint designed to cover the wall behind your pricey flat-screen idiot box.

LivingColour is Samsung’s first line of interior paints, and was conceived with the help of "colour expert" Karen Haller, who created six hues for three of Samsung’s tellys.

Looking for a shade that will provide “reassurance, reliability, and a sense of being grounded?” Then you’ll want “The Frame.” Looking for “feelings of safety and harmony” while you watch The Human Centipede (if you're unfamiliar, don't Google it. No don't...)? Restful Pine will do the trick.

Describing the creative process behind LivingColour, Haller lit a joss stick and explained: “Colour is an amazing phenomenon that can change how we feel, think, and behave in an instant. It’s a universal language that we all speak.”

“The colour pairings for Samsung’s range of Lifestyle TVs were selected to match the personality and style of each TV, whilst also creating an environment that would be uplifting and ultimately complement your personality and lifestyle.”

It sounds ridiculous, but in fairness, this isn’t the only left-field product churned out by the chaebol. In the late 1980s, Samsung’s aerospace and defence wing teamed up with the Korean government to develop the K9 Thunder — a self-propelled howitzer designed to counter the more numerous and longer-range M-1978 Koksan artillery used by the Korean People’s Army.

There’s also the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which also blew up — albeit not in a way initially conceived by the manufacturer.

Samsung will, however, have to go some way to out-weird Xiaomi, which, in addition to phones and IoT kit, sells… er… toilet paper. And a smart bidet. And formaldehyde-free mattresses. And a line of vacuum cleaners called Roidmi.

Samsung will be giving away the LivingColour paint free of charge at its KX Space outlet at London's King’s Cross station. Local frugal vandals, take note. ®

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