Still struggling to support your newly remote workforce? You’re not alone…

Tune in next week to see what VDI can do to help

Webcast You’ve got a lot less users coming into the office right now, but what are you doing to bring the office to them?

The great shift home has left a host of problems in its wake, as over-stretched tech teams try to bring some order to a dispersed workforce often working with less than optimal systems and connectivity.

No less than 85 per cent of businesses worry that they face increased risks with staff working from home, one recent survey showed, ranging from security risks and IP concerns, to the support costs associated with remote staff.

And that’s before other concerns that having staffers out of sight bring, from ensuring they are using the correct applications and formats, to the distractions of being stuck at home with family. Yet, almost three quarters of companies had not deployed new tech to monitor, manage and support those remote workers, the survey showed.

So, it’s probably a really good time to consider virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Which is just what we’ll be doing during our webcast, Take Another Look at VDI, on November 4 at 11am UK-time.

Our very own virtual desktop star Tim Phillips will be joined by Intel’s Bruno Domingues and Toby Coleridge from Hive IO, who between them have years of experience working to make VDI a success in real companies. Intel has, of course, created the technology underlying the infrastructure that delivers VDI and the client devices that receive it. HiveIO has taken a lead from the most successful and productive of species to inform its own VDI as a service solution.

Together with Tim they’ll talk you through how VDI has evolved, and where it fits into today’s businesses and other organisations. They’ll also be taking an honest look at the challenges, as well as the options, when it comes to deploying VDI, from the underlying infrastructure you’ll need to consider, to the management, provision and security decisions you’ll need to take.

Let’s face it, lots of things have changed in tech this year, and things aren’t about to slow down anytime soon. But if you can nail down your desktop infrastructure, you could be doing yourselves and your users a big favour.

And talking of desktops, you can enjoy this webcast, brought to you by Intel, right from yours. Just signup here, and we’ll make sure you know when it’s time to turn on, tune in and…well, get thinking.

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