Looking for good news on COVID-19? That’s exactly what cyber attackers want you to do

Let us show you how to outsmart them

Webcast If you think cybercriminals and hackers are without a shred of empathy or human understanding, you’d be wrong.

It’s precisely their ability to get inside your head, work out what makes you tick, and then use that knowledge to create enticing subject lines and just-about-believable headlines that beg to be clicked, that makes spear-phishing and email scams so successful.

And let’s face it, 2020 has given them plenty of material to work with, and a fearful, information hungry, increasingly remote workforce to target.

So, how can you turn the tables? Step one is to start thinking the way they do, and that’s what we’ll be showing you how to do in our webcast How I’d Attack You, on November 18 at 0900 PT (1200 ET / 1700 GMT).

Our ever sympatico broadcast supremo Tim Phillips will be joined by Darktrace’s Dan Fein and Mariana Pereira to discuss how they’d put together an attack in 2020, and how working through that same thought process can bolster your own defenses.

UK-based Darktrace’s AI-powered security tools are used by government departments, enterprises, and more, giving Dan and Mariana a wealth of insight into what hackers think and do. And what hackers are doing is extensive reconnaissance combining email, social media, and profiling to build up a picture of their targets. They then use this to calibrate the most tempting headline or subject line to deploy against unsuspecting users, whether it’s news of another wildfire, latest details of a conspiracy theory, or a bogus update on government relief schemes.

Yes, it’s dastardly, underhand, and piles misery upon misery. But the cybercrims don’t worry about that bit.

The real good news is that by understanding the ways in which miscreants understand your users, you can begin to defend those same users more effectively.

Want some more good news? You can join Tim, Dan and Mariana from wherever you happen to feel secure, just by registering here for this webcast, brought to you by Darktrace. We’ll update your diary, and remind you nearer the time.

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