AWS to drop new cloud region into Hyderabad – home of Microsoft’s Indian HQ

Promises mid-2022 opening of full three-AZ region in central Indian city

AWS has announced a new region in India, its second in the nation.

AWS Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) Region “is in the works”, the company announced today.

As ever, AWS has offered few details about the new region, other than saying it will offer the usual three Availability Zones and talking up its significance to local business.

And which giant tech companies call Hyderabad home?

Microsoft, for one. The Redmond rates its Microsoft India Development Center there as “one of Microsoft’s largest R&D centers outside the Redmond headquarters.”

Tech Mahindra and Tata also have big presences in the city.

India’s current AWS region is in Mumbai, a west coast city considered India’s financial capital. Hyderabad is acknowledged as a tech hub but Bangalore has more large tech companies and plenty of offices of western concerns.

Hyderabad is closer to Bangalore than Mumbai, so might shave the odd millisecond off latency to that city and the big population centers in the south and east. ®

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