All Day DevOps is sending 180 DevOps pros to your home this Thursday. Where will they all sit?

Pull up a chair with 30,000 of your closest DevOps friends for a free day of learning

Promo It’s been a hell of a year. Just as IT pros have been forced to work from home, and DevOps work has shifted into cloud, corporations are learning to scale the education of their employees.

Organizations like State Farm, Northrop Grumman, PepsiCo and Dr. Pepper are sending hundreds of employees to All Day DevOps. These organizations could not afford to take all of their DevOps and IT pros to physical conferences even if we weren’t all under COVID lockdowns, so they’ve decided to scale learning opportunities online to further accelerate innovation efforts.

All Day DevOps features 180 DevOps experts across six tracks, all in a single jam-packed 24 hours. This year’s tracks include: CI/CD Continuous Everything; Modern Infrastructure; DevSecOps; Cultural Transformation; Site Reliability Engineering; and DevOps in Government.

The conference not only boasts the largest online attendance of the major events for 2020, but it offers a massive “hallway track” in its Slack workspace. Last year, attendees exchanged over 100,000 conversations in the conference’s Slack channels.

Founders, Mark Miller and Derek Weeks, knew from the start that many conferences bored attendees with countless hours of vendor pitches – so they’ve banned them from the conference since its inception. Attendees get to hear unfiltered stories from the trenches from the likes of SRE pioneer Jennifer Petoff, chaos engineering leader Nora Jones, and DevOps guru John Willis. The all day, all night agenda is also packed with experts from Capital One, Walmart, Intuit, T-Mobile, Societe Generale, and LinkedIn.

So, whether you’re interested in how Google really does SRE, how to automate governance at one of the world’s biggest train companies, the nuts and bolts of cloud APIs or Kubernetes, or how to distinguish between chaos engineering and just chaos, there’s a session for you. And of course, you can expect some up to the minute sessions explaining how companies have stepped up the challenges we’re all facing due to the Covid epidemic.

In addition, there’s a series of Ask Me Anything Keynotes, featuring the VC Chenxi Wang, the godmother of DevSecOps, Shannon Lietz, and chaos engineering authorities Casey Rosenthal and Nora Jones.

This is all available on your home screen of choice. But that doesn’t mean you have to enjoy it on your own. ADDO has guidelines on setting up your own (virtual) viewing party, so you can enjoy the event with colleagues or friends. That way you get all the fun of discussing the details of sessions, commenting on speakers, and asking “why didn’t we think of that”, and none of the hassle of standing in line, finding decent coffee or having to decide whether you really need another conference T-shirt.

So what are you waiting for? Registration for All Day DevOps is open.

Just head to the ADDO website, plug in your details, and decide who you’re going to enjoy 24 hours of the best of DevOps with.

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