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Your Microsoft reseller can now predict when you’re ready to buy more stuff or dump Redmond

And also – gulp! – figure out when it’s time for a chat about licensing anomalies

Microsoft has merrily revealed that it has just given its resellers new tools designed to help them sell you more stuff, more often.

In a post aimed at its partner community, Microsoft talks up a revision of the “Insights Dashboard” it offers to resellers.

The tool now “aims to provide predictive and prescriptive insights that will help you engage in meaningful conversations with your customers at the right time, such as the subscription churn predictions and usage anomaly detection.”

There’s also a new “Customer opportunities report” that “provides customer purchase propensity data for Azure, Dynamics and M365, thereby enabling you to sell more to your SMB customers.”

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Resellers also get an enhanced “Overview report” that “provides a comprehensive snapshot of KPIs and trends around customers, subscriptions, Azure consumption revenue, licenses and more.”

Microsoft has offered this sort of thing for years, because it is a channel-first operation and the more product its resellers shift the nicer its own bottom line looks.

Hence the Dashboard also adding features that track how many certifications a reseller’s staff have acquired and what level of Microsoft love they qualify for based on the skill of their crew and the revenue the partner delivers.

“We’ll continue to make investments in new features and capabilities for Insights to ensure our partners have access to the business intelligence they need, both now and in the future,” wrote Dan Truax, Microsoft’s general manager for partner digital experiences and programs in the One Commercial Partner team. “I’m a firm believer that this focus on becoming ever more data-driven will empower us to better meet the evolving needs of our customers and achieve long-term success.” ®


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