Need to build a secure DevOps workflow? We can show you how, say Sysdig and AWS

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Webcast When it comes to application delivery the need for speed is real!

Being cloud native means leaving the (perceived security) of the on-prem world and adopting the adage of move fast and break things (which can sometimes be taken just too literally).

With developers often being asked to re-use code, which invariably encourages developers to download code snippets and modules off the internet. All of this can understandably send security pros reaching for the STOP button.

It really doesn’t have to be that way. Security should be a factor at the beginning of the development workflow, with developers mindful of the implications of their code both for their employers, and their end users. And done right, from automatic scanning of containers for threats and credentials, to ensuring compliance, making security is part of your DevOps tool chain can ensure apps are delivered in the most secure and friction free possible.

And if this sounds like nirvana to you, you should tune in to this webcast, How to Secure Your Containers On AWS, on November 17 at 11am.

Your hosts will be Jonah Jones, Principal Solutions Architect at AWS, and Pawan Shankar, Product Marketing Director at cloud native security specialists, Sysdig. Together, they’ll discuss how unified visibility and security across AWS’ tools and services can actually accelerate application delivery.

They’ll be discussing how teams can implement a DevOps workflow that incorporates speed AND security. And they’ll deliver practical advice on scanning for vulnerabilities in the Elastic Container Registry, using audit logs to detect threats, or scaling Prometheus Monitoring on services like Fargate and Lambda.

They’ll also talk you through incident response and forensics for ECS and EKS workloads, and how to continuously ensure compliance with standards such as PCI and NIST.

Whether you’re powering a software team on the way to continuous delivery, or are in charge of security and want to know how you can save your dev colleagues from themselves, this is the webcast for you. To join Jonah and Pawan, just drop your details in here, and we’ll be sure to remind you nearer the time.

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