Wondering how AI and 5G are set to change your world?

Join this Intel webinar and learn how to unleash your data

Promo All the data in the world means nothing if you’re not getting it to the right place at the right time and drawing insights out.

This is digital transformation in its purest sense, and it has implications for every part of your technology portfolio, from the way processor, memory and storage interact, to how data moves into and around the data centre, to how the data – and the insights it delivers – are protected.

If you’re a technology leader, you need to understand the possibilities and the implications for every part of your estate, from the data centre to the edge and beyond.

But you can get a head start on all of this with the Unleash the Power of Data webinar series, brought to you by Intel® on the mornings of November 24 and 25, from 1000 CET.

You’ll hear from experts on key Intel® technologies, as well as the people putting it all to work in some of the world’s most far-sighted enterprises, including Swiss RE’s chief research and innovation officer, Jeffrey Bohn, Jan Jansson of metro travel giant Keolis and David Sturzenegger of confidential data specialists Decentriq.

The five discrete sessions will take you deep into the ways Intel’s Xeon® Scalable processors work together with AI optimised software to allow AI applications to be built at scale, how Intel® Software Guard Extensions can ensure confidentiality and the ways in which Intel Optane™ Technology is transforming the cost equation on Infrastructure. Looking beyond the data centre, they’ll explain how Intel® Architecture can help break down silos in your organisation. And with 5G becoming a reality, they’ll explain how this transforms more than just mobile communications but has fundamental implications for the cloud, private networks and your own datacentre.

As we get to the end of a particularly challenging year, this is the perfect opportunity to not just catch up on the latest generation of silicon heading towards your datacentre, but to understand the profound ways in which it can change how you work with your most precious resource - data.

And you can do all this in just two mornings. Registering couldn’t be easier. Just click here and drop in your details.

Paid for by Intel®

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