OK, let’s nail down this whole Kubernetes storage thing…

What time is it? It’s Hammerspace live demo time

Promo Using Kubernetes across on-prem and the cloud is a tantalizing idea, but it’s sometimes difficult to put your finger on exactly where data is supposed to live while you’re doing this, and how you should serve it up wherever it is needed.

So, if you’ve wondered how to make data available instantly and simultaneously available across on-prem and cloud, and provide this all in a self-service, DevOpsy kind of a way, we have an on-demand webcast that could help.

Our broadcasting supremo Tim Phillips recently sat down with Douglas Fallstrom from Hammerspace, and Edwin Thornhill from Veristor, to discuss how Hammerspace’s technology abstracts your data from your infrastructure, virtualizes it, and makes it instantly available to any cloud or cluster.

They talked through how Hammerspace allows you to create storage classes across clusters that automatically adjust to available resources, and its ability to automate on-demand live data mobility and load balancing.

This naturally lays the groundwork for a whole range of enterprise data services, which are defined by the data and not the infrastructure. You know how cartoon characters can pull things – such as enormous hammers – seemingly out of nowhere, just when they need them? Yes, that’s known as Hammerspace. Get the idea?

And if this all sounds too good to be true, don’t despair, Douglas and Edwin ran a live demo for Tim, showing just how Hammerspace does this.

So whether you’re coming from the Kubernetes space, or the infrastructure world, there’s plenty to grab your attention here. Want to see how it all went down? Just drop in your details here, and you can enjoy it all, at your leisure.

Brought to you by Hammerspace.

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