Whatever is stopping your team from building great apps, this can help

Check out this OutSystems Tech Talk

Promo Today’s dev teams want to collaborate quickly to build great apps but are held back by a variety of challenges, such as limited resources.

For many teams, the tools they have to create applications are ad hoc, require manual work, and can have steep learning curves. Developers need a platform that enables them to efficiently build complete software solutions. The most effective teams have a diversity of talent, and pull from all corners of the organization during the dev process.

So how can dev teams collaborate with stakeholders to build essential apps quickly?

Well, they can start by catching this recent OutSystems Tech Talk with solutions architects Alex de Meij and Sezen de Bruijn, who showed viewers how to:

  • Use the builders within the OutSystems platform to enable diverse teams to collaborate on applications with superior speed and efficiency
  • Visually map complex business processes and create high-performance, workflow-based applications
  • Rapidly prototype great looking and highly usable mobile applications that leverage common patterns and flows

It’s only 30 minutes long and it will help you rethink your tooling and processes. Check it out on-demand here.

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