Is your SQL Server installation old enough to go to high school? We need to talk

Join us and Pure Storage online to find out how to pay back borrowed time

Webcast You’re not wearing cargo shorts, velour tracksuits, or Matrix trench coats anymore, so why on Earth would you be running SQL Server 2008?

Yes, there may be perfectly legitimate reasons you’ve held off upgrading, whether it’s a compliance issue or a legacy application you’re worried just won’t play nice with a version of SQL Server that doesn’t predate Game of Thrones.

Even if your systems are running the slightly less decrepit 2012 and 2014 revisions, you know that you’re on borrowed time that has to be paid back sooner rather than later. And later will mean more expense, and more pain. So how can you start unpicking things so that you can bring your data ops not just into the 2020s, but into the cloud era?

One option is to tune into this upcoming webcast on December 9 at 1700 GMT (0900 PT), where the never out of style Tim Phillips will be joined by Melody Zacharias of Pure Storage to consider the statement: you need to upgrade your legacy SQL Server.

Melody is senior Microsoft Solutions Manager at Pure Storage. More importantly, as a Microsoft MVP for the data platform, and the author of the Microsoft Press book SQL Server 2019 Administration, she knows exactly what’s under the lid when it comes to SQL Server.

There’s no question that if you’re on one of the noughties or teens versions of SQL Server, you need to lay out an upgrade path. Right. Now. So Tim and Melody will be talking you through the myths and realities of upgrading from SQL Server, whichever version you’re on. They’ll also show you how to how to circumnavigate those blockers to achieving the in-place upgrade you want to do.

They’ll also talk you through how Pure Storage can help when it comes to both on-premises and hybrid clouds.

The fact is, whatever way you look at it, we’re firmly in the 2020s now. So why not face up to reality, drop in your details, and start bringing SQL Server up to date.

Brought to you by Pure Storage.

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