How do you fund and execute the technology operating model of the future?

Here’s how to prepare your business for the next big disruption

Promo The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has painfully illustrated how the ability of organizations to respond to disruption is determined by their ability to reconfigure their business and supporting technology operating models rapidly, successively and at scale.

But as we start planning for a post-COVID-19 world, how do you know whether your technology organization has the agility to take advantage of new opportunities, and weather the shocks of the future?

In this exclusive webinar, Deloitte and OutSystems will discuss nine big shifts that are highly interlinked and that will determine the effectiveness of your future technology operating model.

What you’ll take away:

  • Insight into the two major shifts taking place: the necessity to better align the tech funding model and the move from digital experience to digital reality.
  • A framework to identify hidden conflicts and dilemmas that are keeping you from modernizing your technology stack and ways of working.
  • Different approaches to agile business value creation as well as lessons learned from multiple client projects around the world.

Your host will be Mike Hughes, OutSystems’s senior director, product marketing, and he will be joined by Deloitte's Diogo Rafael Henriques, OutSystems CoE practice and alliance lead, and senior technology researcher Hans Van Grieken.

Wherever you are in planning for the future, you should schedule time to join this session. Just head over to the registration page for more details.

Article paid for by OutSystems.

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