Protect your business from DDoS attacks: Join this webinar to find out more

Expert advice on how to combat one of the most dangerous online threats

Promo With the COVID-19 pandemic leading us all to depend on online services like we never have before, a DDoS attack that takes operations offline can have very serious and long-term consequences for a business. Add to this the huge surge in DDoS attacks this year, with assaults getting bigger, more powerful and disruptive, and it’s clear security leaders need to urgently get to grips with how to deal with them.

The good news is that you can bring yourself fully up to speed on the subject by joining the G-Core Labs and Intel webinar The most dangerous DDoS attacks and how to fight them on December 10.

Hosted by G-Core Labs’ DDoS protection expert and product owner Andrey Slastenov, the webinar starts at 1400 GMT and promises to be packed full of valuable and actionable information, all aimed at helping businesses who are building their online services.

During the seminar you’ll learn about the different types of DDoS attack and the strategies you can employ to protect your business against them, including the main methods of countering both volumetric and connection attacks.

You’ll also learn about what you should do if an attack is atypical, and you’ll even be given case studies that demonstrate how G-Core Labs has successfully dealt with massive and sophisticated DDoS attacks.

G-Core Labs has built its reputation on offering a first-class cloud infrastructure to customers who need reliable low-latency infrastructure, and its clients include household names from telecoms, finance, media, software, and video gaming around the world, such as Avast, Michelin, RedFox Games, and Bandai Namco.

The DDoS protection offered by G-Core Labs is designed to be smart, continuous, and comprehensive, dealing with attacks of any complexity and volume. It’s based on unique real-time intelligent traffic filtering technology, with highly accurate detection levels and a low false-positive rate. It’s effective against L3, L4, and L7 attacks, including low-frequency attacks, and offers protection from even single requests from a bot.

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