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'Post-install issues': Microsoft hits pause on the Surface Hub Windows 10 Team 2020 update

Big screen fondleslab action for 20H2 slides into 2021

Microsoft has applied the brakes to the roll-out of the latest Windows 10 to the Surface Hub 2S after customers reported problems following installation.

The rollout of software to the ginormous collaborative computing whiteboards was to have taken place over four phases. Phase one kicked off in the week of 27 October and hit Surface Hub 2S kit sitting in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Belgium and Mexico. Phase 2 started on 10 November and targeted the UK, Japan, Switzerland and Italy.

Phase 3, for the US and Germany, should have emerged from the gates last week. However, a glance at user comments indicated this was not the case.

Microsoft has now confirmed it has paused the phased release of the Windows 10 Team 2020 Update (Windows 10 20H2 by another name) after "feedback from a small number of customers who have encountered post-install issues."

The hiatus will extend into 2021 and affects Windows Update. Enthusiastic administrators can opt to use Windows Update for Business or go for a Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) image to force matters. Users who wish to join devices to Azure Active Directory or have blocked updates from the internet will have to venture into the world of the BMR regardless.

Support for Windows 10 Team Edition 1703 will also be extended through 16 March 2021. Support for the mainstream Enterprise edition ended last year, with subsequent updates aimed only at Surface Hub devices.

There are a number of known issues with the 2020 Team update, including an intermittent loss of Wi-Fi connectivity and an occasional refusal of the gigantic fondleslab to go to sleep. Users hoping that Microsoft would be able to release its own code on its own hardware without issue may therefore be disappointed.

70 per cent of eligible Surface Hub 2S devices in the phase 1 and 2 regions have now been updated, according to Microsoft. While those in the remaining regions will have to wait a little longer than planned, spare a thought for the customers who splashed the cash on first generation hardware.

On the thorny topic of bringing the update to older hardware, Microsoft continues "to make progress on finalizing this release and will share more details as they become available." ®

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