Think you’re hot stuff when it comes to infosec? Prove it

This year’s New Year Resolution: Update your GIAC certs

Promo You know you’re good in the trenches when it comes to cybersecurity. You might even have done a stack load of courses to ensure that you’ve filled in any gaps in your knowledge. Your colleagues know they can depend on you.

But when it comes to the world at large, and future employers in particular, are you sure they’ll happily take your word on just how handy you are?

The fact is that having the right certification gives employers, partners, and other interested parties, the reassurance that you’re not just talking a good game, but that you can play cybersec hardball with the rest of them.

And when it comes to cybersec certifications, GIAC is the gold standard. The organisation takes pride in certifications that “rather than skimming the surface of different skillsets…are a mile deep for specialised job-focused tasks.” And GIAC exams with Cyberlive don’t just test you on the theory, but show you’ve proven your skills in lab-based situations. You can see the full line up right here.

Crucially, GIAC’s certifications are valid for four years. A lot can happen in that time, and by keeping your qualifications up to date, you, and your colleagues, and your employers or clients, can be sure that your skills are sharp enough to deal with today’s problems, not the problems of four years ago.

And if that has you pondering whether to add to your skills armoury, you might want to consider that research by Fortinet recently revealed the hardest to hire for position at present is Cloud Security Architect. And yes, 2020 saw the debut of GIAC’s GCSA: GIAC Cloud Security Automation, which is associated with SANS’ Cloud Security and DevOps Automation course.

In fact, most SANS courses, which are considered the cutting edge in infosec training, have a corresponding GIAC certification, and you can usually register for certification at the same time you book your course.

As the world goes into winter hibernation, you’re probably going to take a little time to reflect on your ambitions and skillsets. You might even do a little online training, just to keep your hand in. But, as you’re taking down your holiday cards this week, just ask yourself whether a freshly minted GIAC certification is just the thing to hang up in its space.

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