Restructuring on the horizon? You may want to think about those Microsoft 365 tenancies

Quadrotech pledges to show you how to get migration right, first time

Webcast Getting your business into the cloud is relatively easy. Moving a business around the cloud once it’s there? Well, that can be harder than you think.

When it comes to M&A and other corporate restructuring, the financial engineering involved can seem positively straightforward compared to the engineering needed to complete a Microsoft 365 tenant-to-tenant shift. This might seem counter intuitive. But under those pretty covers, Microsoft 365 is in constant flux – for very good reasons – with APIs, throttling policies, and authentication mechanisms changing over time.

The one constant? The system was never designed with the tenant-to-tenant migrations in mind, says Office 365 migration specialist Quadrotech. And, perhaps bizarrely, there is little in the way of native tooling for carrying out migrations, we're told.

Thus, if you’re looking to make a tenant-to-tenant move, whether because of a surprise merger, or for any other reason, you need to speak with someone who’s not just familiar with the technology, but does these moves on a regular basis.

That’s why you should join our webcast on M&A Microsoft 365 tenant migration on January 28 at 1500 GMT.

Our own Tim Phillips, who is never less than the perfect tenant, will be joined by Quadrotech's Mike Weaver and Quest’s Ragnar Heil, to discuss the optimal way for your business to handle Microsoft 365 migration.

They’ll set out the five pillars of a successful tenant migration, and talk you through how to develop a migration plan and execute it successfully.

And of course, they’ll highlight the potential pitfalls that could sink your efforts, and show you how to anticipate them and navigate around them.

There’s no telling what this year is going to bring, but joining Tim and Ragnar will leave you better prepared for at least one possible scenario.

Luckily for you, accessing this is all very straightforward. Just register here and we’ll do the rest, including updating your calendar and reminding you on the day.

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