Looking for something on which to spend all that bonus Bitcoin? How about The Hoff's very own KITT?

Back when AI meant William Daniels behind the dashboard

Fans of 1980s memorabilia, rejoice! You too can wow your neighbours with your very own KITT, as owned by Knight Rider actor David Hasselhoff.

Sadly, the Pontiac Firebird in question, a 1989 model with beige upholstery, is a conversion job decked out to resemble the iconic Knight Industries Two Thousand vehicle. One of several lots in an auction of Hasslehoff's collection of goodies, the car is listed as "Fully Functional".

While a representative of the auction house told us the replica features a recorded voice, we doubt 93-year-old actor William Daniels will be hiding under the bonnet to afford the buyer with a full-on conversational experience with KITT. It is also highly unlikely that a jab of the iconic "Turbo Boost" button will ramp up the velocity in the way we remember, but the interior and exterior shots do bear at least a passing resemblance to the dream car of many a 1980s schoolchild.

Whether it is worth the $475,000 currently bid for the vehicle is another matter entirely. Certainly, the steering "wheel" fitted might make manoeuvring tricky and the dual CRTs of the original look to have been replaced with a flat panel. It is also worth considering that there are a good few replicas of the car out there already in varying levels of fidelity, and considerably less than the auction price will get you your own Tesco car park trolley magnet.

However, dropping the cash on Hasselhoff's model could land you with a chance of having your purchase delivered personally (depending on current travel restrictions) by the Baywatch and SpongeBob SquarePants Movie star himself, although you'll need to beat the reserve by at least 25 per cent for that honour.

Should a full-sized KITT replica be too rich for your wallet, the auction also features Hasselhoff's 1961 Mercedes SL190 ("needs restoration"), a Knight Rider pedal car, and all manner of clothing and posters (including a somewhat distressing fan painting of the man himself).

We'll pass this time around. After all, this hack's 1980s four-wheeler of choice would have to be Back To The Future's DeLorean. Obviously. ®

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