NAS backup: Has NDMP got your back, or is it breaking your back?

Want to shake off NDMP for good? Tune in this week

Webcast Ensuring your organisation’s NAS data is protected is fraught with challenges. You need to ensure you’re capturing the right data, at the right time, and if the worst comes to the worst, you want to be certain you can restore it and get your company back in business as quickly as possible.

So, you really want to be sure you’ve got technology you can rely on. What have you got? The network data management protocol – NDMP – which is now older than some of your middle managers.

NDMP has been frustrating data pros since the 1990s, forcing them to grapple with performance bottlenecks, vendor lock-in, and slow restore times, among other gripes. Its shortcomings have only become more apparent as organisations produce ever more unstructured data, and try and work out where NAS backup sits in relation to an increasingly cloud-based infrastructure.

But… while NDMP might have celebrated its silver anniversary, there’s no reason why you need to be hanging around to celebrate its golden 50th. Or even its 26th. In fact, you can find out what your options are by turning into our upcoming webcast, Protect and Recover your NAS and Unstructured Data, on February 18.

El Reg’s broadcast supremo Tim Phillips, silver tongued as ever, will be joined by Rubrik’s Pierre-Francois Guglielmi to talk about how he and his colleagues are working to rework backup.

Tim and Pierre-Francois will unpick the challenges of NAS backup in general, and the particular issues brought up by unstructured data. They’ll also work through the battling business objectives when it comes to backup, including overall performance as well as RPO and RTO.

And they’ll show you what a modern, NDMP-free approach to backup looks like, highlighting just how simple and automated it can be, and how Rubrik’s recent acquisition of NAS and unstructured data specialist Ignaeous is going to benefit, well, you.

To join this session, just drop your info in here, and we’ll make sure you’re reminded on the day. Then you can start planning your own, personal goodbye NDMP party.

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