Google Cloud forges new passage to India with Tata Communications

Azure and AWS already have same cloud deal, but hey - new friends!

Google and Tata Communications have teamed to spread the G-Cloud further inside India.

Tata Communications is an India carrier that’s part of the Tata Group that includes global tech services outfit Tata Consultancy Service (TCS). While Tata Communications also offers some tech services, at $2.4bn annual revenue and around 12,000 staff, it is dwarfed by TCS’ $23bn revenue and almost half a million staff.

One of Tata Communications services is the “IZO” managed cloud, an offering that sees the company take on day-to-day management of a cloud on behalf of clients. Tata Communications also operates extensive networks and cloud interconnects.

All of that will now be offered to Indian firms who fancy using Google’s cloud.

Google hasn’t bothered making a song and dance about its new relationship, perhaps because Tata Communications already offers IZO for AWS and Azure.

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Tata Communications and Google India have pitched their collaboration right into the G-cloud’s sweet spot: Kubernetes and modernising applications for the cloud by retrofitting them into Google’s container-wrangler.

Analyst firm IDC estimates that demand for cloud in India will grow at compound annual growth rate of 22.2 per cent between now and the year 2024, emerging as a $7.4bn annual market. The firm says SaaS dominated the H1 2020 market, accounting for 63 per cent of spend, with IaaS and PaaS trailing.

Teaming with Tata Communications gives Google more ways to sell, but if the analyst firm is correct both companies are paddling in the shallow end of the market. ®

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