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The Document Foundation updates LibreOffice Community to 7.1.1

Ninth anniversary celebrated with bug fixes for enthusiasts and power users

A month after version 7.1 of LibreOffice hit the streets, the first update has landed replete with a swathe of bug fixes for the suite.

The fixes lurk in the Community edition of LibreOffice, aimed squarely at enthusiasts and early adopters. The Document Foundation (TDF) would much prefer biz customers sign up for something from the LibreOffice Enterprise family of applications, with "long-term support options, professional assistance, custom features and Service Level Agreements" for a fee.

The 90 or so fixes deal with a wide variety of niggles that came as part of the 7.1 release. Notable resolved issues include a regression that resulted in a crash when undoing a paste under certain circumstances, and a pesky enter character that could find its way into the input boxes of CALC after copying from a cell and pasting. Minor, for sure, but maddening if one was afflicted by it.

More serious problems dealt with include a borked print range when CALC files with external links are saved and reopened and some full-on crashes around the COUNTIF function.

A pair of release notes document the rest of the fixes here and here.

While the usual Windows, Mac and Linux builds can be downloaded (although the more cautious penguinistas might wait until the repos of their preferred distributions get an update), the proviso for fans of Windows ARM64 still applies: "It's in early development and has some known limitations."

A glance at the daily build suggests that enthusiasts might be better off rolling their own for the time being.

The fixes are welcome, and are the first for the new Community (and volunteer supported) edition since TDF had its latest whinge about some businesses nabbing the freebie version rather than "the version optimized for their needs."

The update also comes a few weeks after TDF celebrated its 9th anniversary. The bubbles, sadly, had to be virtual this year. ®

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