Missing colleagues in cybersecurity? That’s no surprise – the world is missing 3.5 million

SANS Institute lines up webcast guide to managing your cybersec talent

Promo You might think not seeing too much of your cybersecurity colleagues is a good thing – it means everything is going smoothly, doesn’t it? Or it could be that your security team is worrying short-handed. In fact, research by CyberSecurity Ventures predicted 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will go unfulfilled globally this year.

While this might just benefit cyber security professionals in the wallet department, the more thoughtful will – along with their peers in tech leadership and HR – know that chronic understaffing is never a good thing.

Stretch the team too far, and minor glitches or missed signals can quickly snowball into a major crisis. A strong, well-staffed team will ensure individual members are not constantly firefighting, but have the time to think strategically, and, crucially, keep their skills up to date so they can tackle new and emerging threats.

So, it’s actually in everyone’s interest to look at how we can bridge this gap, helping existing staffers to flourish and new entrants to get onboard. So, where do you start?

Well, you can start by tuning into the SANS Institute’s upcoming series of webcasts under the banner HR + Cybersecurity.

As the title suggests. these sessions are designed to give HR and tech management pros strategies and techniques for recruiting and retaining cybersecurity talent. At the same time, they are invaluable for helping new entrants find their way into the industry, or for existing cybersec pros looking to switch roles.

There are five sessions in total, kicking off on March 11, with Skilling the Gap: Creative Ways to Recruit Top Cyber Talent.

This session will dive into the reasons why there is a such a shortage of cyber tech talent, and what is being done to close the gap. It will also show you how to successfully navigate what is clearly a job seekers’ market, whether you’re a job seeker or an HR pro looking to fill roles.

Subsequent sessions include:

  • Knowing Your Applicants: How to Stay Current to Best Assess Your Cyber Applicants, on April 8 – Register
  • Not in Cyber Security? No Problem! Creative Ways to Gain Experience with No Experience, on May 13 – Register
  • Slow the Revolving Door of Talent: Creative Ways to Keep Your Existing Cyber Talent in Your Organization, on June 3 – Register
  • Transition to Cybersecurity from a Non-cyber Role: Creative Ways to Impress to Land Your Dream Cyber Role, on July 8 – Register

Each session will be hosted by Kevin Garvey, who is currently US IT security manager for an international bank and teaches SANS’ Security Leadership Essentials for Managers course.

More to the point, each webcast will be packed with practical information, that will help you solve your own cybersec talent problems, whether you’re a tech pro, a new entrant or an HR professional.

We know you lead busy lives and can’t always make a session on a given day, so you’ll be glad to know all the talks will be recorded and available to watch after the fact. And the series is accompanied with other useful material from SANS, as well as GIAC, NICE, CISA and the Aspen Institute.

So why not head over to the SANS website now, signup, and get your career – or your cybersecurity colleagues – back on track.

Brought to you by SANS Institute.

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