Working hard to secure your network perimeter? The cybercrims will be pleased…

Because that’s not where the threat is anymore

Webcast If you’re currently running your company’s cyber security operation from home, ask yourself, where exactly is the “perimeter” you’re supposed to be protecting?

The fact is the last year has not just totally changed the way organisations organise themselves from a desk and office point of view. It also has completely changed – possibly permanently – where the bulk of their traffic originates and terminates. You can protect the internal “network” all you want, but the chances are many, probably most, of your staffers are connecting to the cloud from their home networks.

So, are you completely sure that this traffic, and the domestic networks and remote devices it is coming from and living on, is secure? And here’s a final thought. If the last 12 months have been a challenge for you, just consider what it’s been life for your friendly, neighbourhood, cybercriminals. They’ve been stuck at home too, with plenty of time to consider how best to exploit a whole new world of vulnerabilities.

That’s why you should join us on March 25 at 1200 BST (1100 UTC), for a webcast which will explain why you should Secure Users and Data, Not Your Networks.

Tim Phillips, our resident broadcast vet and a smooth networker himself, will be overseeing proceedings, and he’ll be joined by McAfee’s Nigel Hawthorn.

Together, Tim and Nigel will explain why traditional security models just don’t cut it in 2021, and why the focus should be on user behaviour.

They’ll also explain what this means for your security team’s priorities as you adjust to the new normal – and the new new normal that is bound to follow.

Luckily, you don’t need to stray beyond your perimeter to learn all of this. Just drop your details in here, and we’ll make sure to remind you on the day.

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