Google's boss for the next billion users bails after beating that target handily

Caesar Sengupta says it's time to take off Google's 'training wheels' as he both literally and metaphorically plans his next bike ride

Caesar Sengupta, Google's vice president and general manager for Payments and the Next Billion Users initiative, will leave the company.

“I remain very positive about Google’s future but it's time for me to see if I can ride without training wheels,” said Sengupta on LinkedIn, adding that it was time now for him “to venture out and start on a new mission.”

“I feel like I went to product and team building school at Google,” said Singapore-based Sengupta. He announced his last day will be April 30th

Sengupta became VP of Google’s Next Billion Users initiative in 2015. The scheme aims to recruit new users, principally in developing nations. Google styles the quest as a mission to civilize – Sengupta's farewell email referred to those "who need our magic the most" – but it stands to gain plenty by making itself the center of new users' digital worlds.

Loon balloon

Google's Alphabet sticks a pin in its Loon internet broadband service


According to Sengupta, over 1.5 billion people started using the internet on his watch between 2015 and 2020, and another billion more will log on by 2025.

“More and more it’s their needs and ideas that are shaping the future of technology, in areas from financial inclusion to language translation," Sengupta said in an October 2020 blog post.

The soon-to-be-former Googler said he hasn't decided what to do next, aside from some more of his lockdown hobby: cycling [on very flat routes - Ed] .

With experience in fintech and recruitment enablement of new users, both at scale, Sengupta will likely have plenty of options once he unbolts his "training wheels". ®

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