A bespoke approach may be great for the suits – but it’s a terrible fit for software modernization

Join our Regcast to learn the power of APIs

Webcast The pace of digital evolution can appear overwhelming, all the more so when you still feel weighed down by legacy applications and data stores.

If you’re already concerned that your existing bespoke integrations are a little fragile, you might see them as a complete blocker when it comes to exploiting the possibilities of CI/CD, hybrid cloud or going all in on serverless.

And if it’s difficult to bridge the gap between different data or application siloes within your current infrastructure, how can you think about opening up your systems to partners or customers by creating new applications – even though you know this is what your business needs.

Well, you can start by taking a much broader view of the potential of APIs, by tuning in to our upcoming Regcast, Your API-Powered Digital Evolution on March 30 at 0900 PDT (1200 EDT).

Our broadcast supremo and all-round API chappy Tim Phillips will be joined by Greg Brail, principal software engineer and chief architect for the Business Applications Platform Group at Google Cloud, and former chief architect of Apigee, the API management and analytics vendor that Google bought in 2016.

Together, they’ll explain why your digital strategy won’t amount to much without an API strategy to match, and how this will help you evolve from bespoke integration – and all the pain that causes – to leveraging APIs to create new applications and automations.

They’ll also explain how this can put transformational powers into the hands of your developers – and potentially into the hands of line of business staffers too.

Joining requires the bare minimum of keyboard work on your part. Just drop in your details here, and we’ll make sure your calendar is updated and you’re reminded on the day. Then sit back, listen … and get ready to start evolving.

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