Is your tech team a strategic partner or cost center? Check out this assessment tool

A little self-knowledge can take you a long way, says Nutanix

Promo A year ago, tech teams, along with the rest of the world, had to react quickly to a new reality which few had done any meaningful preparation for.

Now, with the immediate crisis arguably past, it’s worthwhile asking whether they can prepare themselves for the “new normal” they currently face.

Some of the outlines of this new normal for IT are clear. Businesses will demand tech departments deliver rapid new business value and accelerate time to market, with a combination of enhanced automation, continued innovation and rock solid cost savings. These will be the prerequisites for securing economic advantage.

It’s a tough order, so how do you know your organization is up for it? And how do you identify the weaknesses that might undermine your efforts?

Well, enterprise cloud specialists Nutanix may be able to help. They’ve developed a self-assessment tool that will help you grade yourself across five areas that are critical to achieving that edge over the competition, including: your ability to work together for rapid transformation; creating TCO; accelerating time to market; innovating with automation; and workplace efficiency.

After completing the assessment, which takes only a few minutes, not only will you have a better idea of where you and your organization stand, but you’ll get access to a range of specially curated content that will help you get to work on any areas for growth.

That could mean improving your financial expertise, so that you can better understand what your budget-focused colleagues are demanding. This might work out how costs translate into your technology strategy. This could include improving your TCO; gaining a clearer picture of, and control over, how much you are spending on your clouds (private and public); and streamlining your licensing to better match your workload profile.

Or, it could be developing a deeper understanding of how improving workforce productivity could speed-up your application delivery, or how adopting hybrid cloud can accelerate time to market.

While you can’t know all the challenges you’re going to face over the next year, you’ll be better prepared to face them once you’ve identified the areas that you can improve in your own organization.

So, if you’re ready for that journey of (financial?) self-discovery, just click here.

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