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Which cyberthreat should you care about most? Here’s a clue … all of them

Which is why you need to apply a little big data

Webcast No matter what size your organisation is, when it comes to cybersecurity, your attack surface is bigger than ever.

The last year has probably seen a chunk of your workforce shift to home, negating any concept of an easily defensible corporate “perimeter” around your systems and data. At the same time, remote working throws up its own ongoing challenges when it comes to cybersecurity – quite apart from the gaps left open since the great rush home.

You also, probably, have more data than ever before to worry about, as your business increasingly relies on analytics and AI. But where is that data? In a data centre? Somewhere in the cloud? On your workers’ home networks and devices?

All of those could be compromised by determined attackers, leaving you facing a world of pain as you attempt to get the business back up and running, while simultaneously trying to placate angry customers, suppliers and regulators.

This all adds up to a big data problem. So, it makes perfect sense that big data might help to solve it. But how, exactly? Is it a question of analysing your systems for vulnerabilities? Or of analysing user behaviour and traffic for potential attacks? As always with big data, the biggest problem is knowing what you’re looking for in the first place.

Well, here’s some helpful small data – we’ll be addressing all of these questions in our upcoming webcast, titled Applying Big Data Analytics to Cybersecurity, on March 31 at 0900 PDT (1200 EDT).

Our very own impenetrable attack surface Tim Phillips will be joined by Nutanix’s Kong Yang, who has deep experience in security in general, and with the cloud and big data in particular.

Together, they’ll dive into how big data can give us all a new angle when it comes to the latest threats and security trends, and how you can create a successful big data analytics security strategy.

They’ll also explain how you can successfully bring big data to bear on security, and what success looks like in today’s cybersecurity practice.

Joining is simplicity itself. Just register here and we’ll remind you on the day. We can’t guarantee this Regcast will make your cybersecurity challenges any smaller, but it’ll certainly put them into perspective.

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