How’s your cloud native transition going? That good?

Join us with Red Hat and IBM – and learn how to apply a little data discipline in the cloud

Webcast Security and governance are tough enough problems when it comes to conventional computing. When it comes to cloud native, they can be enough to stop a migration project before it’s even off the drawing board.

That’s understandable – delighting your customers with new features and applications counts for little, if you’re also having to inform them that their data may, possibly, have gone walkies, or that it’s perfectly safe… you’re just waiting for the ransom to go through.

It’s also slightly myopic. Yes, Kubernetes is tricky, and associated tooling can sometimes appear to be in permanent work in progress mode. But real companies have found real ways around these problems, while standards and practices are improving all the time.

You just need to get that crucial overview of the state of the art today to help you on your way. Which is why you join our upcoming Regcast that dives into all of this and shows you what you can expect from A cloud-native future powered by data, on April 14 at 1600 BST (1100 EDT.)

Our own ever-resilient Tim Phillips will be in the hot seat, and he’ll be joined by Red Hat’s Pete Brey and IBM’s Randy Arsenau. Together, they’ll give you a realistic appraisal of both potential problems, and realistic solutions.

So, they’ll be discussing what the market trends are when it comes to cloud native, and which are the prime applications which are heading that way.

They’ll also be brutally honest about the challenges of deploying enterprise strength applications on Kubernetes, while also showing you how – exactly – you can make that transition.

To join in, just head to our registration page and drop in your details. We’ll make sure your calendar is updated and you’ll get a reminder on the day. Whatever your cloud future looks like, we’ll help you get there safely.

Brought to you by Red Hat.

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