Any old iron slowing down your cloud migration? Here’s what to do

Emulation could save you from a complete meltdown

Webcast No-one likes to have a silo of specialized but aging kit that requires special care and attention embedded in the heart of their computing infrastructure.

Yet many organisations do have applications that are running on platforms whose originators have not just retired, but sadly, expired.

And while it’s a tribute to the people who built platforms like Alpha, SPARC, PDP, Vax, and PA-RISC that those machines are still running day in, day out, they may also be preventing you from a wholesale renewal of your infrastructure – or junking it all together and moving to the cloud.

Even if you can work around these aging platforms for now, the unavailability of spares, and even more so of the skills to maintain them, or program for them, means they are a ticking time bomb.

So if you’re concerned that crucial parts of your infrastructure have barely made it to the late 20th Century, never mind the 2020s, then you should really join our upcoming webcast, Legacy Server Emulation on Azure, which will be coming to a (non-green) screen near you on April 21, at 9am PDT (1200 EDT, 1700 BST.)

Proceedings will be overseen by our own evergreen Tim Phillips. He’ll be joined by Microsoft Azure migration expert Jonathan Frost, and John Prot from emulation specialists Stromasys.

Together, they’ll take you through the nuts and bolts of taking your vintage hardware offline while emulating its entire software stack on Azure.

They’ll walk you through how to do a complete lift and shift, highlighting how emulating vintage platforms in this way won’t just deliver massive benefits for your business, but also, crucially, for your state of mind.

Registering for this session is a piece of cake. Just drop your details in here, and we’ll update your calendar and give you a nudge on the day. Then you can raise a glass to the folks who built that almost indestructible Vax or PDP system … and prepare to turn it off for the last time.

Brought to you by Stromasys

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