Your data warehouse’s future is balanced on the edge – whether you know it or not

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Promo The cloud is changing, and how you think about data needs to change too.

Edge applications, 5G, and IoT are just some of the ways that data is flowing beyond traditional data centres and out to the edge. This means the “cloud” you use is as likely to a mesh of interconnected resources forming a “logical cloud” as something that lives in a given provider or enterprise’s datacentre.

This approach can solve a myriad of problems around security, data gravity and latency. But it also poses a challenge to the way we think about data and how applications are built. Throw in the impact of cloud native approaches and Kubernetes and this means a dramatic rethink is needed in how you approach data lakes and warehouses.

If you thought existing legacy and even cloud only data and analytics solutions were straining to cope, just imagine how they’re going to fare when they face this distributed cloud.

Which is why, if you really want to know what data and analytics will look like in the future, and how to build the flexible cloud data warehouses needed to power them, you’ll want to join Yellowbrick Summit 2021 on April 29, at 1000 PT (1300 ET, 1700 UTC).

The summit features a mix of keynotes, deep dive sessions and panel sessions, led by key Yellowbrick staffers including CEO Neil Carson and CTO Mark Cusack, as well as practitioners including Salema Rice, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at GRI, and Matthias Baumhof, CTO at ThreatMetrix.

Together, they’ll explain what the state of the art is in real-time analytics, and the new infrastructure paradigms that enable this, and take you through the architectures and best practices you can leverage to deliver vast amounts of streaming and at-rest data to produce insights faster than ever.

You’ll also hear how Yellowbrick’s distributed cloud warehouse has evolved precisely to fit in to this new world, with Kubernetes at its core, allowing you to deploy, manage, and orchestrate data warehouse workloads across private cloud and public cloud environments, and at the network edge.

We know you’re busy people, so be assured this will all be crammed into a highly digestible 200 minutes. So whether you’re a data analytics leader, an architect or engineer, or you simply need to know how to turn data into insight in near real time, you’ll come away better informed.

You’ll also be glad to know that registration is free. Just follow this link to the Yellowbrick Summit registration page here.

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