Your cloud security is static – and you’re open to more risk than you realize

Make your move before the cyber-crims make theirs, says Sysdig

Promo The cloud has transformed how you manage your infrastructure and software development, enabling continuous integration and deployment, while allowing you to keep your operations running, well, continuously.

But what about security? Shouldn’t that be continuous too?

A security strategy – and accompanying toolset – that makes a daily check for configuration risks is woefully inadequate for the cloud. The bad guys have bots continually searching for openings in your cloud services, and you need to continually monitor for risky configurations and unexpected changes. You can count on your cloud provider to secure the infrastructure, but you are still accountable for protecting your application data and configuration of cloud services.

So, while tools such as AWS CloudTrail and GuardDuty will serve you up mountains of data, you need to find a way to make sense of it, in real-time, to protect whatever you need to protect. That way you can start to move from a static defence posture to one where anomalous behaviour is spotted and acted on. Continuously.

So, what should your first move be? Well, we have a couple of things that might really help you get started, courtesy of your friends at Sysdig. First up, you can download this Continuous Cloud Security Checklist for AWS from Sysdig.

This will take you through planning your AWS security strategy, step by step, from working out what cloud assets you actually have and what your priorities should be when it comes to protecting them, through managing static risks, building a continuous protection strategy, and ensuring you’re compliant with key security standards and benchmarks.

And, whenever you’re ready to put theory into practice, you should check out the range of free and trial offerings from Sysdig here.

These include Sysdig’s Free Forever Cloud Security tier, which gives you Cloud Security Posture Management, as well as out of the box threat detection, and AWS Fargate/Amazon ECR image scanning.

If your setup is more complex, you can enjoy a 30 day trial of Sysdig’s Container and Cloud Security service, which includes Cloud Security across multiple accounts and regions, and Container Security Services such as image scanning, and runtime and network security.

The Container and Cloud Monitoring service includes Kubernetes and Prometheus monitoring with advanced troubleshooting, and also comes as a 30 day trial. They all provide a great starting point to protecting your organisation, because, when it comes to cloud security, you just can’t afford to keep still.

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