Cloud security threats are growing – crucially, is your skills toolkit keeping pace?

Here’s a flight plan to map your journey

Promo Whatever unit of measurement you use, it’s clear that more and more enterprise computing is happening in the cloud - which also means the cloud is an ever-growing target for cyber attackers.

That leaves businesses and other organisations competing for those cybersec professionals who have the skills to protect their applications and data – whether they’re partly or completely in the cloud.

So, SANS Institute has expanded its line-up of cloud-focused security courses, adding six freshly minted courses, with a seventh one currently in beta testing phase. This brings the total cloud security line-up to 12 courses, running the gamut from foundational to deep dives into specific areas and technologies.

The new additions include: Cloud Penetration Testing; Cloud Security Essentials; Public Cloud Security AWS, Azure and GCP; Cloud Native Security - Defending Containers and Kubernetes; Cloud Monitoring and Threat Detection; and Leading Cloud Security Design and Implementation. Currently in beta is Continuous Automation for Enterprise and Cloud Compliance and Cloud Forensics & Incident Response.

In June SANS will be hosting the CloudSecNext Summit- a completely free to attend online summit which will include In-depth Cloud security Summit talks & interactive sessions featuring speakers from all around the world. Attend sessions around the clock or choose some that fit your schedule. Register here.

Of course, there’s more than one cloud, and most of the courses will take you deep into AWS and Azure, while some will also cover GCP and other service providers. Either way, you can rest assured that each course has been developed and will be delivered by real world practitioners at the top of their game.

With such a breadth of cloud security courses to take, you might be left wondering how they all fit into your career plan. Well, you don’t need to sign up and hope for the best, as SANS has developed a Flight Plan mapping out the courses, and where they fit in with particular technical or management specialities.

For example, if your interests are more Dev(Sec)Ops the planner highlights the core modules you should have on your wish list. Likewise, cloud security analysts, engineers, architects, and management all have their own curricula mapped out.

So, whether you want to make your first foray into cloud security, skill up for your current role, or get ready for your next step up the ladder, it’s all laid out for you. All you need to do? Signup for the course of your choice and start learning – because the threat isn’t going anywhere, but you could be.

Sponsored by SANS Institute.

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